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Your Guide to Dating Site Safety

Are you exploring the world of online dating? Whether you’re using a website or an app, you should know the ins and outs of dating site safety before getting in too deep.

While dating in any form can be dangerous, there are important steps you can take to ensure you’re not luring a scammer or psychopath. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Tips for Safe Dating Online

Don’t include identifying information in your profile

Leave out your full legal name, birthday, and place of work. Instead, use only your first name or a nickname, and add your field of work and zodiac sign.

Keep specific details to yourself

Dating site safety is in the details. Avoid sharing personal details like your high school or pet’s name. This information makes it easier for hackers to guess your passwords, and they can use it to send phishing emails. Also, make sure your photos don’t reveal any identifying information.

Don’t interact with people who don’t have a profile photo
A profile without a photo is a red flag. Similarly, a profile with only one photo where they look like a beautiful model, could be too. Take caution with trusting photos that seem unrealistic or blurry, and check their pictures against other social media platforms they may be on, to be sure they match up with what you’re seeing on the dating site.

Limit your use of location settings

If you’re using an app, turn off location settings or use them sparingly for a safe dating online experience. You don’t want strangers to pinpoint the neighborhood you live or work in, and this allows you to cast a wider net.

Don’t rush to communicate outside the site or app

Take your time before switching to a private messaging platform. Scammers would love for you to move to an encrypted messenger where their shady behavior won’t be easily monitored.

Meet in public

Once you decide to meet up, make sure it’s at a public spot. You wouldn’t want to do schedule a hike or anything too private for the first date. You want to be someplace where you can easily get away or find help if the date becomes uncomfortable or unsafe.

Online dating sites are an increasingly popular way to search for love for good reason. If you’re aware of the risks and keep these dating site safety tips in mind, you just might find the perfect match.

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6 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Discovering your partner has cheated is never easy, but most of us would rather know the truth than remain in the dark. But are there clear signs of a cheating spouse to look out for?

If you ask a private investigator, that answer is a resounding YES! In fact, many people turn to the experts to catch a spouse in the act or confirm suspicions. As the ones that are paid to hunt down cheaters, private investigators know all of the signs that indicate someone is hiding something – or someone. Here are six of the most common indicators.

  1. An altered schedule.
    If your partner suddenly needs to work late multiple times per week, and it starts happening more often, it could be a red flag. Excuses like work meetings, traffic jams, and piles of paperwork are only believable for so long – especially if this behavior is out of the blue.
  2. Difficulty reaching them.
    If you’re being cheated on, your significant other will probably be less likely to answer your calls or respond to your texts. If there are periods of time when they’re unreachable (especially while working late or on a business trip), that’s a bad sign.
  3. New focus on physical appearance.
    If they start eating healthier and exercising seemingly out of nowhere, it could be a sign they’re trying to appear more attractive to someone else. If they also have a renewed focus on shopping for new clothes, visiting the hair stylist, or other wearing attractive scents.
  4. Unexplained spending
    If you see strange charges on your partner’s credit cards or there’s suddenly less money in your shared or individual financial accounts, it could be a sign of infidelity.
  5. Their friends seem uncomfortable around you
    A cheater’s friends often know what’s going on before the victim. If you notice their friends acting strange around you or flat-out avoiding you, this may be why.
  6. Changes in your sex life
    Significantly less, more, or different sex in your relationship could be a sign you’re with a cheater. Less sex occurs because your partner is focused on someone else, more because they’re overcompensating, and different because they’re used to a new sex partner.

One of the strongest signs of a cheating spouse is your own intuition. Chances are you know when your partner isn’t being 100% truthful, so trust your gut. Also know that your spouse may exhibit all of these signs and not actually be cheating. In this case, the signs point to something being off in the relationship. If you want to know for sure if they’re cheating, hire a private investigator.

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