Do you have suspicions about a cheating wife? Are you looking for a teenage runaway? No matter what uncertain situation you’re dealing with, the private investigators Austin relies on are here to uncover the truth. Our cutting-edge technology and experience with everything from domestic surveillance to insurance fraud services is what you need for peace of mind.

Partner with one of Texas’ Top Private Investigation Firms

  • Background Checks
  • Surveillance/Domestic Surveillance
  • Undercover Services
  • Child Custody
  • Family Law
  • Criminal
  • Computer and Cell Phone Forensics
  • Location of Runaways
  • Insurance Fraud
  • And more

She Spies Private Eye Inc. is one of the area’s best private investigations firms committed to managing every case with the utmost professionalism, using our open services to attorneys and individuals, large and small businesses, and law enforcement. If you’re concerned about a cheating wife or husband and need domestic surveillance or you’re a business owner suspecting insurance fraud, you can count on our experience to help you find the truth.

If you’re in need of private eyes and want to work with someone you can trust, contact the She Spies private investigators Austin office at 512-246-9889 or 214-227-8177.