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What Does an Insurance Claims Investigator Do?

Did you know insurance fraud is a billion-dollar industry that costs the U.S. billions of dollars every day? Millions of criminals bypass the law and falsely receive cash settlements from insurance companies every year.

To combat this rise of insurance fraud, insurance claims investigators get to work. They analyze and dig into the validity of insurance claims to protect their employers. Here’s how:

Research Existing Claims

If you ever filed a claim with an insurance company, an insurance claims investigator has reviewed it to ensure that fraud wasn’t present.

Social Media Analysis

Social media is a tool insurance claims investigators use to dissect fraudulent insurance claims. Whether the criminal has posted videos of themselves running after claiming a serious leg injury or bragging about their fraud in public posts, there are tons of amount of people who incriminate themselves every day on social media.

Pry Into Personal Information

Insurance companies are meticulous when awarding cash settlements to customers and the claims investigators are trusted to dig up any suspicious personal background information to determine if fraud has been committed by the claimant.

Partner with Private Investigators

When a suspicious individual warrants a further investigation, insurance claims investigators can employ a private investigator to help them with their case.

Insurance claims investigators are vital to insurance companies, and their success can save the country billions. If you’ve been injured and are contacted by an investigator, speak with an attorney before making any statements.

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How Do Most Affairs Start?

An affair doesn’t usually “just happen.” It usually begins long before the two individuals even meet, when marital issues are becoming too much to bear.


When negative feelings are kept inside or the fear of conflict outweighs solutions, emotional distance is created. That distance can spark loneliness and an emptiness that needs to be filled. To fill the void, one partner may decide to confide in someone else, and as a result, emotional intimacy—and eventually physical intimacy—develops.

What Type of Person Gets Cheated on?

In a 2020 study, researchers wanted to see if there is a type of person that gets cheated on in relationships. Specifically, they were curious about aspects of a person’s personality that may make them more susceptible to having their partner or spouse have an affair.

Accounting for age, education, gender, race/ethnicity, and religiousness, they found:

  • Those who were less conscientious (i.e., more careless, less hard-working and organized) were more likely to have a partner cheat on them
  • Those who were more agreeable (i.e., more warm and helpful) were more likely to have their spouse commit infidelity.

This is no way an attempt to victim-blame you if you happen to be an agreeable or non-conscientious person and get cheated on. But it does provide some insight on a common marital issue. Ultimately, being more conscientious won’t guarantee your partner won’t cheat, but exuding greater responsibility, self-discipline, and helpfulness can benefit your relationship.

Is Your Marriage Vulnerable to an Affair?

Even though there is a “typical” profile for the victim of an affair, an even better predictor of one is loneliness and opportunity. Some strong marriages can be prone to affairs, when one partner grew up in a home or works in an environment where infidelity is the norm.  

Many people can find it in their hearts to forgive their spouse’s actions, but many other believe it’s a betrayal beyond forgiveness. If you believe your partner is having an affair, but need proof to know for sure, a private investigator can help you find it. 

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Is Divorce the Right Answer?

When couples struggle in a marriage, they often think divorce is the only option. For some, that heart-wrenching decision is the right one. But many people don’t give enough thought to how much a divorce can impact them.

Here are 6 questions to ask yourself if you’re unsure about staying in your marriage.

6 Questions to Ask if You’re Thinking About Divorce

Domestic Investigations

1. Do you know what makes a healthy marriage?

Everyone’s definition of a healthy marriage will vary, but a good place to start is when a couple works as allies or partners—two individuals working toward a common goal.

2. Do you and your spouse communicate effectively?

Many people have difficulty sharing their feelings and needs. If you find yourselves disconnecting emotionally, turning away from each other, or avoiding tough conversations, that could be a red flag.

3. Do you keep having the same arguments?

Arguments are a natural part of any relationship, but if they recur with no eventual solution, you may be setting yourself up to fail.

4. Have you contributed to the problem and the solution?

When problems exist, many couples play the blame game instead of taking an honest look at themselves. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do I avoid, blame, or attack when handling conflict?
  • Do I communicate well? Am I defensive or overly critical?
  • What does my partner need from me?
  • Am I meeting my spouse’s needs? If not, why not?
  • Do I show love and appreciation?

5. Have you tried marriage therapy?

Communication is essential to a happy marriage, and sometimes it takes an outside perspective to start the conversation. Before making a rash decision, many couples find it helpful to seek help from a licensed marriage counselor. You may too.

6. Do you understand the impact divorce will have on your loved ones?

Divorce can leave a trail of heartache and devastation in its wake. Bonds between families break and innocent children are left to deal with the destruction for years to come. In fact, many If you have children, it’s important to realize their futures are at stake as well. Take the time to consider whether divorcing is a better solution than trying to make it work.

Divorce happens to be the answer for many couples, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be yours. If you’re struggling with issues like suspected infidelity or child abuse, She Spies Private Eye can consult with you about your options before you file for divorce. The truth can make the decision a little easier.

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