Domestic Investigations

We Handle Domestic Investigations with Discretion

Domestic investigations help hundreds of people get the answers they need to the questions which hold them back. Unsure of the loyalty of your spouse or partner?  Looking for a loved one?  Going through a bitter child custody battle?  Hiring a private investigator means placing your trust in a professional who treats your situation with the gravity it deserves. At She Spies Private Eye, our domestic investigations are always conducted with prudence and care.

Hiring a Private Investigator Can Help You Move Forward

There are many reasons to look into private investigation services. That’s because when families are torn apart, the process is rarely sudden, but rather a compilation of years of mistakes, emotions and often deception. A spouse starts cheating and hides their tracks to prevent discovery. A child of divorce may be neglected or not given the lifestyle they require. Assets are hidden in an attempt to avoid division of property. A former spouse reneges on the child support and custody agreements under suspicious circumstances, and without a legal modification. When it comes to these sensitive situations, your family, your heart and your happiness are on the line, and hiring a private investigator you can trust is a wise first step.

She Spies Private Eye is a licensed private investigation agency in Austin, Texas, that works on all varieties of domestic cases.  We have the experience and the resources to handle domestic investigations involving:

  • Neglect of loved ones in medical and nursing care facilities
  • Abuse of children or spouses
  • Texas divorce cases which cross state lines
  • Hidden assets, either in divorce proceedings or in corporate transactions
  • Separation and potential parental kidnapping
  • Child support and custody disputes

We comb the world’s streets, databases and financial sectors to discover the truth and make wrongs right. We know that domestic investigations require sensitivity and compassion, which is why we conduct all of our assignments with only the highest degree of professionalism and discretion.

If you strongly believe that your current or former spouse is hiding information that affects your life, or you worry your children are being neglected, contact She Spies Private Eye today. To discuss your case with a trusted private investigator, contact us online or call us at (512) 246-9889. Your consultation is confidential.