Unfaithful Spouse Investigations

Because NOT knowing is the worst part

There’s nothing worse than wondering if your spouse is being unfaithful and not being able to prove it. One thing’s for sure – you’re not alone. Infidelity in marriage is extremely common, and suspicions are often correct. Statistics prove that women who feel their lover is cheating are correct 80% of the time, and men guess correctly half the time.

So, how can you catch a cheater? You use She Spies infidelity investigations. Facing unfaithfulness is heartbreaking but having certainty about it is necessary to move forward. We give you that and more.

Know for Sure with Local Private Investigators

At She Spies Private Eye, we know the signs of an unfaithful spouse because we’ve uncovered the hard truth for countless couples over the years. You may think you and your friends can do the dirty work to snag your cheating spouse, but there are legal ways that get you the answers –and the proof – you need.

We begin infidelity investigations by understanding your objective. If your spouse is having an affair, do you plan to file for divorce? Will you try to make things work? Do you want custody of the children? There’s a certain process to follow when it comes to court hearings and our team has extensive experience with the law, which will be key to your case.

Together with our local private investigators, we’ll strategize, figuring out the evidence you need and how we are going to attain it, which may include

  • Background checks
  • Surveillance methods
  • Phone data recovery and internet activity
  • Computer investigation
  • Witness interviews
  • Asset searches
  • And more

Suspect Infidelity in Marriage? Find out for Sure.

If you think you have partner is being unfaithful, it’s time to stop wondering and find out the truth.

Our years of experience in infidelity investigations can provide the concrete evidence you need, so there are no questions left to ask. We turn the signs of betrayal into proof.

Contact She Spies local private investigators for a discreet consultation at 512-246-9889 or 214-227-8177.