insurance fraud investigationsInsurance Fraud Investigator

As an insurance adjuster, your main concern is to prevent and recover asset fraud. When dealing with cases of fraudulent claims, such as workers compensation fraud, you may need an insurance fraud investigator to garner evidence and put an end to additional loss, especially before a hearing with the claimant.


  • When you feel your claimant is malingering or violating doctor-prescribed restrictions …
  • When you think he or she has a secondary job that is not reported while collecting workers’ compensation …
  • When you need peace of mind and a partner to help you get it …

She Spies Private Eye, Inc. is here. Don’t wait another moment to arrest prolonged false insurance claims.

Be Confident by Hiring a Claims Investigator

As you know, insurance fraud is a major problem that affects everyone. Fraudulent claims cost insurance company’s money, forcing them to recoup their losses through higher premiums and rates. Fraud detection and prevention brings down these costs – and that’s how an insurance fraud investigator can help.

As your private investigator, She Spies can help end the spiral of fraud abuse, tailoring surveillance by becoming an expert in the claimant’s individual habits. Our experts will work diligently to provide photo and video evidence along with a detailed report  to support any litigation of false insurance claims with expert testimony. With us on your side, you can feel confident the liable result will reduce your loss dramatically, save your company money and prevent further conflict.

Our claims investigator can help special investigations units and attorneys with:
• Interviews and recorded statements with witnesses or claimants to compile information
• Consult police
• Surveillance on disability claims and workers compensation fraud

When you need an expert to help you investigate insurance fraud, go with the best. Contact She Spies Private Eye, Inc. today at 512-246-9889 or 214-227-8177.