Cohabitation Investigation

Why You May Need a Cohabitation Investigation

Are you paying alimony to an ex-spouse and suspect they’re living with a new partner? If so, you can take steps toward ending your alimony payments with the help of a professional cohabitation investigation.

What is a Cohabitation Investigation?

A licensed private investigator can perform a cohabitation investigation to find out if a person receiving court-ordered alimony payments has begun living with a new partner, which terminates any requirement to make future payments.

If you suspect your ex is cohabitating with a new partner, a PI can employ investigative services like surveillance to determine if they’ve established a common residence and/or a marital-type relationship. Over the course of an investigation, they’ll gather high-quality, court-admissible evidence, such as documentation or video footage.

You can prepare for your consultation with a PI by knowing the answers to these questions:

  • Why do you suspect your ex-spouse is cohabiting?
  • How long have they been living with their new partner?
  • Are you currently working with an attorney?
  • Does the investigation need to be completed by a certain date?

She Spies Private Eye knows the legal requirements regarding alimony payments and can provide you or your attorney with objective evidence in court. Contact us today to learn more.