Domestic Investigations

Insurance Fraud Services


Cheating Spouse / Infidelity

Child Custody


Parental Abduction

Computer & Cell Phone Forensics

Location of Runaways

Transportation of At-Risk Youth

Electronic Countermeasures (De-bugging Sweeps)

Your privacy is not a luxury; it’s a right. And with the pervasiveness of bugging devices and other sophisticated eavesdropping equipment, this right could be in jeopardy. An invasion of your privacy can result in devastating consequences. Imagine every confidential conversation with your attorney being recorded. Or imagine your company’s classified trade secrets leaking out. If you suspect that you are a target – in either your home or office – of unwelcome surveillance, we can help you. Our highly
skilled countermeasures experts will conduct a exhaustive search of your home, office and/or vehicle using the most advanced practices and surveillance detection technology available on today’s market.

Background Investigations

Associating with the wrong person can be detrimental in any number of ways – financially, physically, mentally or emotionally. It’s better to know the truth about someone sooner rather than later. Is that person you’re about to marry a con artist? A felon? A sex offender? An alcohol or drug abuser? A deadbeat? Someone who is still married? We’ll find out for you through a detailed background investigation that will reveal truthful facts, allowing you to know, without hesitation, who you might be spending the rest of your life with. Background checks can also be used to investigate suspicious neighbors, your child’s chaperone, a potential business partner, witnesses and more.

Asset Searches

An asset search can be critical when determining what kind of legal action needs to be taken. You may need to determine what assets are available so that you’ll know if litigation will be worthwhile. Or perhaps you need to locate hidden assets in cases of divorce. We use comprehensive database searches along with a host of other investigative techniques to uncover and document the existence of assets, from property and homes to cars, planes and boats. Our asset searches will not only help protect your interests, but also the interests of those whom you care about the most.

Witness Interviews

Interviewing a witness is not only about knowing what questions to ask, but also knowing how to ask them to ensure that you are collecting the most accurate, relevant and truthful information. Our investigators are expert interviewers that are highly skilled at determining the merit of a witness, as well as documenting sworn statements and/or affidavits for litigation support purposes and pre-trial preparation.

Location of Missing Persons

There are a number of valid reasons why someone would want to locate a missing person. You may be looking for a family member, friend, classmate, business associate, old love interest, a witness needed for a civil or criminal court case or even someone attempting to avoid a financial obligation. Whoever you need to locate we are committed to using all of our professional resources and intelligence techniques to successfully track down your missing person.

Process Service (Texas Supreme Court Certified)

We offer timely, efficient and professional service of process throughout Texas. Our trained process servers will serve your legal documents and provide you with consistent updates and notifications. We can even help in those situations where the person being served does not want to be found. We are Texas Supreme Court certified.