When it comes to child custody, nothing is more important than keeping the kids safe. Whether you’re a parent going through a divorce, a concerned grandparent, family member, foster parent or caretaker, you want what’s best for the child. That’s where She Spies Private Eye comes in. As a renowned private investigator for child custody, we know what it takes to protect a child’s welfare because we’ve been doing it for over 20 years. And now we want to help do the same for you.

We’ve Seen & Done It All with Child Custody Investigations

When you realize the welfare of a child is in jeopardy, you want to do what’s best for that child— immediately. This is when you call She Spies Private Eye. We’re not your typical private investigators who see things in black and white. We understand that all child custody investigations are unique, and each deserves a personalized approach and outside-the-box thinking.

With over 20 years of experience as a juvenile probation officer and private investigator for child custody, our owner, Anji Maddox, brings an unmatched blend of expertise and insight to every case. As a mother and grandmother, she’s also driven by compassion for children and families. For you, that means you get more than you would with other child custody investigations, including:

  • A custody specialist who has seen it all and has an insatiable passion for the truth
  • An experienced investigator who knows exactly what judges look for in family law investigations
  • A strong advocate for children’s rights with years of community involvement, public education and transportation of at-risk youth
  • An ally who has strong relationships with custody lawyers who partner with She Spies repeatedly

You Need Evidence the Custody Lawyers can use to Get the Results You Want

Family law investigations are tough, and the court needs as much information it can obtain. Custody lawyers count on She Spies to get the evidence they need because we think outside the box. We’ll help them make your case with:

  • Thorough background checks to uncover criminal history, sexual offenses, etc.
  • Surveillance on individuals, families, places of business, etc.
  • Computer and cell phone forensics
  • And other investigative techniques as needed

When you’re in need of a private investigator for child custody, you need She Spies Private Eye. It’s your first step in protecting a child’s future. Fill out the form to the right for a free, confidential phone consultation, or call 512-246-9889 or 214-227-8177 directly for more information.