Parental Abduction

Sometimes a court battle isn’t even the issue.  In cases of parental abduction, in which a child is whisked away by one parent leaving no trace, you’ll need the help of a licensed private investigator to find them.  She Spies Private Eye is renowned for successfully locating abducting parents and missing children worldwide.

As a five-year volunteer with the American Association for Lost Children (AAFLC), She Spies owner Anji Maddox is particularly passionate about dedicating time to the pursuit of missing children.  Her commitment to the families of the lost has recently brought her and the AAFLC Team overseas to Europe where she successfully recovered a missing child.  Let She Spies Private Eye find who you’re looking for.  Find out more about AAFLC, click here

Child Rescued from Overseas, the AAFLC helped the father find his daughter.

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