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Need Proof of Cohabitation? Hire a Private Investigator

Do you want to know if your ex-spouse is living with someone so you can adjust or terminate the amount of alimony you’re paying them? Since the chances of your ex admitting to this are highly unlikely, hiring a private investigator can get you the proof of cohabitation you need to avoid costly financial implications.

What is Cohabitation — And When Is Proof Needed?

Cohabitation is when two people in a romantic relationship live together without being married. In many states, cohabitation is a violation that can result in alimony reduction or revocation, and in some instances, child custody arrangements. Proof of cohabitation is usually needed in family court to assist with compensation claims for child support, spousal maintenance, and alimony arrangements.

5 Ways Private Investigators Can Get Proof of Cohabitation

  1. Surveillance
    Private investigators can take video (or photos) of people’s routines, like coming and going from their house, getting the mail or packages, doing yard work, and/or showing public displays of affection.
  2. Public Records
    Investigators can access public records to see if two people are collaborating in some way, such as shared vehicle ownership or shared utility bills.
  3. Trash Pulls
    With years of professional training, investigators can discreetly dig up useful items in your ex’s trash cans such as bills, letters, notes, prescription bottles, bank statements, and more for evidence of a spouse-like relationship.
  4. Background Checks
    A thorough background investigation of your ex-spouse’s partner may also reveal a great deal. While it may not provide proof of cohabitation, it could help in the child custody area.
  5. Interviews
    Gathering statements from neighbors and people in the community can bring new information to light about the couple. Did they travel together? Private investigators may also be able to gather statements from hotel staff stating that the couple were in the same room and engaged in public displays of affection.

If you’re looking to prove cohabitation, you need a private investigator on your side. She Spies Private Eye knows the legal requirements regarding alimony payments and can provide you or your attorney with objective evidence in court. Contact us today to learn more.

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