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Deep Background Check Services

Suppose you need a background check because your gut tells you something about your nanny, allegedly cheating spouse, a business you want to invest money in, or someone you are about to hire. In that case, a regular background check might not be enough to unravel the mysteries behind that person. To be honest, many people can do simple background checks that only uncover a fraction of the information available.
For more serious matters, you might need an experienced background check investigator that can conduct deeper background checks to ensure your safety in any case.

What Can Deep Background Check Companies Do for You?

Here at She Spies Private Eye—we conduct deep background checks that require legal access to dozens of databases and the ability to do a deep dive on various social media platforms. We have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to extract up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information you need for any circumstance, such as:

  • Estranged family members
  • Background checks for nanny
  • Co-habitation/alimony investigations
  • Cheating spouses
  • Pre-nuptial investigation
  • Neglect of loved ones in medical and nursing care facilities
  • Abuse of children or spouses
  • Hidden assets for divorce proceedings or corporate transactions
  • Separation and potential parental kidnapping
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child support and custody disputes
  • Addiction
  • Heterosexual spouses suspecting homosexual partners

No matter what your suspicions might be in any situation it entails, we will design a tailor-made plan to support your case! Every case is different, but it requires our skill to solve it and gather all the information you need for legal action and your own peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?

As we mentioned before, many background check companies can provide light background checks for you on their computer. But none of them can offer deep background checks that require the experience and surveillance skills our firm has to offer.

We do 100% legal background checks by surveying suspected individuals, performing computer and smartphone forensics, and checking various databases to gather the information you need.

She Spies owner, Anji Maddox, has learned a lot about domestic investigations during her term as a juvenile probation officer for 20 years. And with her experience and everything she has learned so far, you can trust us to find the truth!

Want to prove your suspicions? Hire a private investigator now!

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