How to Spot and Handle Financial Infidelity

Did you know about two in five Americans who commingle finances with a partner also have experienced financial infidelity in their relationship?

Financial infidelity occurs when one partner keeps financial secrets from the other. The hidden information can come in many forms, but it’s usually something small enough that doesn’t seem worth mentioning (as opposed to having an offshore bank account like we see in the movies!).

Just because it doesn’t involve sneaking off to have sexual encounters, financial infidelity does involve lies and secrets that can devastate a relationship. If you combine finances with a loved one and wonder if you’re being deceived, here are some signs.

Signs of Common Means of Financial Deception

  • They have a personal savings account at a different bank
  • They open a credit card in their own name or make purchases you never knew about
  • There’s “just a little bit” missing from the weekly budget
  • They blame any deficit on rising grocery costs or similar excuse
  • Their employer pays them partly in cash and they keep that money separate
  • They have one or more credit card bills sent to their office
  • They appear nervous when you open a credit card bill

When to Hire a Private Investigator for Financial Infidelity

Private investigators frequently receive requests from individuals who need help proving their partner’s income–often when it concerns supporting children financially. Trained to uncover the truth, PIs can discover hidden wealth, and even trace how it was earned and where it is kept. Services may include:

  • Investigating financial habits
  • Analyzing income habits, employment verification, searches for assets
  • Observing lifestyle habits, background checks, surveillance

Confronting Financial Cheating

This type of infidelity usually brings up different emotions than adultery when confronted, and often, it can be moved past through open and honest discussions. However, it’s important to realize that it’s still a symptom of an underlying problem in a relationship. Why else would one partner feel the need to hide something from the other?

If you need help verifying your significant other’s income, She Spies Private Eye to discuss the steps we can take for your specific situation. Aside from hidden wealth, we can also investigate possible cheating and infidelity.

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