Using a Private Investigator for Child Custody Issues After Divorce

After a divorce, child custody cases can get heated, with both sides lodging allegations against the other. One of the best ways to shine a light on issues going on behind the scenes is to hire a private investigator (P.I.).

Understanding Child Custody

During a child custody investigation, the first thing you should do is learn about the different types of custody:

  • Legal custody refers to the right to make legal decisions on behalf of the child
  • Physical custody refers to the parent whom the child will live with
  • Sole custody means one parent has the primary role in the child’s life
  • Joint custody means that the parents share responsibility of the type of custody at stake

Child custody determinations are made with the child’s own best interests in mind—regardless of what the parents want. In some cases, using a private investigator for child custody disputes can bring many things to light, including whether a parent is capable of providing a stable home environment or if there are concerns about child abuse or drug use by the noncustodial parent (which would be relevant for visitation determinations).

Having a P.I. on your side can help sway the evidence in one direction, helping you get the information you need to prove your claims.

The Role of a P.I. in Child Custody Cases

  • Interview witnesses – including neighbors, teachers, counselors, parents of friends, and others
  • Asset searches – find evidence of hidden assets, which the client can use to show the other parent is attempting to shirk financial obligations
  • Gather evidence – information related to the case, such as neglect, abuse, parental drug or alcohol use while responsible for the child, use of a babysitter during scheduled time with the child, presence of a romantic partner during custody hours
  • Digital evidence – high-quality pictures or video of the other parent taken in public places
  • Background checks – criminal and personal background checks of the other parent and people they involve in the child’s life
  • Proof of false accusations or custody violations – when a parent is falsely accused of abuse or neglect, or violating custody or visitation agreements

If you’re dealing with custody issues and believe your child’s safety is at risk, you could use a private investigator on your side. She Spies Private Eye knows the legal requirements regarding evidence and can provide testimony and other objective evidence in court. Contact us today to learn more.

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