What to Do about Teenage Runaways

There are about two million cases of teenage runaways in America each year. The majority of them are under the age of 18. To put it in more relatable terms, the annual number of teenage runaways is equivalent to the number of people in Houston, Texas. On average, 1/3 of them will be sexually abused; … Continued

Important Safety Information for Parenting Teenagers

When you’re parenting teenagers, September might seem like the most wonderful time of the year: your children are back in school, so you know where they are at all times, right? But as any mom or dad will tell you, the academic year doesn’t give you a break from parenting. Teenagers are surrounded by their … Continued

Keep the Holidays Merry with Our Safe Shopping Tips

To keep your holidays the most wonderful time of the year, try some safe shopping tips that really work. By following a few simple guidelines, shoppers can avoid losing their money, their identity or even their lives this year. Shop during daylight hours. Try to avoid shopping later at night, when it’s dark.  If you … Continued

Talking to Children about Divorce and the Holidays Eases Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time, and talking to your children about divorce related topics – like who’s going to which house for Christmas dinner – can be hard for parents. But studies have shown that keeping your kids in the loop, and being willing to talk about their concerns, does more for helping … Continued

Great Safety Tips for Spring Breaks, Vacations and Holidays

Vetting the safety tips for Spring break and vacations that you find on the Internet can be a tough job. You can find a number of sites that recommend good, common sense ideas.  But the best safety tips for spring breaks, vacations and holidays go beyond the obvious, and offer you valuable advice for keeping … Continued

Learn the Custody Laws in Texas to Ensure a Safe Summer Trip

Custody laws in Texas, like throughout much of the United States, are guided by specific rules set down by the courts. The main concern of the courts is always what’s in the best interest of the child. Because of this, child visitation agreements are designed with the rights of the children in mind as much … Continued

Important College Safety Tips for Every Student

Planning for the new school year is fun and exciting — but thinking about college safety is imperative, even for returning students. College campus security is a fundamental right for any student, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control. With the new school year upon us, it’s a great time to look … Continued

Being Thankful Should be a Part of Every Day

The importance of being thankful can’t be underestimated. It not only makes us feel better; it makes the world a little brighter. To express gratitude towards those who are kind or helpful to us is part of the American culture. It’s why we say “thank you” when people hold the elevator or pass the mashed … Continued

Holiday Safety Tips to Make Your New Year Bright

Every year, the local police put out a bulletin of holiday safety tips intended to keep you and yours safe and sound during the season. As we turn to e-commerce, however, we put ourselves at risk for more than just pickpockets. Every holiday, hundreds of people become victims of identity theft online as they use … Continued

How Cyber Crimes Are Changing the Way We Communicate Online

For most people, cyber crimes are what happen to other people; other people have their internet hacked or their credit card numbers stolen. But after the latest security breach at Target, cyber crimes have become much more real in the eyes of the average American. Because internet scams and viruses are so prevalent, we’re actually … Continued