Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About an Investigation

We all expect the truth from people, unfortunately – we don’t always get it. Situations involving cheating spouses, fraud or child custody often require more than a conversation to get to the truth. Sometimes hiring a private investigator is the only way to get the real answers you are looking for.

Whatever the case may be, you probably have questions about how private investigators uncover the truth, and you’re not alone. With over 70 years of collective experience, our team has been a trusted resource for the simplest and most complex set of circumstances. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Signs of Cheating

How can I find out if my spouse/partner is cheating?
Considering that 45 percent of marriages will end in divorce, it’s no wonder people are looking for signs of cheating. You may think you and your friends can do the dirty work to uncover the transgressions of your cheating spouse, but it is a much harder than it seems to get the answers. There are legal ways to get proof. Our private investigators utilize surveillance information obtained in background reports, phone data recovery and more techniques to turn the signs of betrayal into proof.

Is there a way to see activity on someone else’s phone?
Yes and no. While a cheating spouse, missing child or dishonest employee may not give you the information you need, cell phone forensics can. However, there are legal issues involved with performing forensics. At She Spies Private Eye, our digital forensics investigator can uncover text messages and emails, compile them into a readable form and present them to you for evidence. (Even in cases where the other person believes they’ve covered their tracks and deleted everything incriminating.) We always recommend a consultation to determine whether or not if it is legal for us to perform this type of work in your situation.

How can I prove my soon-to-be ex is not properly parenting our children?
A domestic investigation is key to discovering the truth about poor parenting. No matter what your suspicion or situation entails, a PI can design a plan that’s completely personalized for your circumstances. This might include surveillance, background checks, bug sweeps, witness interviews and/or undercover work.

Can information obtained in surveillance help my divorce/custody case?
When it comes to a custody battle and divorce, the courts are typically involved. This means you will need physical proof and evidence to support your case. She Spies can use our surveillance expertise to prove infidelity or misconduct, and we can provide that evidence to your attorney for your custody battle or divorce proceedings. Since we are licensed by the state, we are considered an expert witness for testimony.

How can I find out if my phone/car/home are bugged?
An invasion of your privacy can be devastating. From confidential conversations with your attorney to your company’s classified trade secrets, the consequences of a leak can affect your life, career and more. If you suspect that you are the target of hidden surveillance – in either your home or office – a private investigation can help you. Our countermeasure experts will use the most advanced surveillance detection technology to conduct an exhaustive search of your home, office or vehicle allowing you to reclaim your privacy.

Is your service confidential?
You have our assurance that we will keep your case details strictly confidential, AND you have the law to back it up! Texas has exceptionally strong investigator confidentiality regulations that are part of the professional investigator’s act. From a phone conversation or consultation, to client privilege throughout an investigation, you can expect complete confidentiality and peace of mind.

Have more questions about the signs of divorce or want a confidential consultation about a custody battle? We’re here for you. Fill out the form to the right, or call us in our Austin office at 512-246-9889 or our Dallas office at 214-227-8177 for more information.

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