Questions About Surveillance


What exactly is surveillance?
Surveillance, sometimes referred to casually as “tailing someone,” is a tactic frequently used by private investigators that involves the investigator following and observing a person primarily suspected of cheating. This could be a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Any suspicious activity is documented and typically captured on film when possible. Surveillance is also used to obtain evidence of fraud with Workers Compensation claims, bad business practices, activities of an employee or business partner. There are many ways surveillance can be beneficial for the consumer outside of spousal surveillance.

What should I do if I’m too embarrassed to talk about my suspicions that my partner is cheating?
You should not have any feelings of embarrassment. While we understand that it can be awkward to discuss the private details of your personal relationship with someone whom you barely know, rest assured that you will experience nothing but the utmost sensitivity. We deal with cases of suspected infidelity on a very regular basis, and your case will be handled with the same level of professionalism and confidentiality with which all of our cases are handled. We fully understand and respect your desire to confirm the validity of your suspicions. You are entitled to the peace of mind that you are seeking.

What if my suspicions are proven wrong?
If there is no evidence that your partner is cheating, then you are in a better position than before you obtained our services! You have gained the peace of mind that you were looking for, and you have validation that the integrity of your relationship is in tact. In addition, since all of the investigations that we conduct are 100% confidential, there is no risk of your partner being upset with you for being being suspicious of him/her.

Is surveillance legal?
All of our surveillance techniques are performed within the parameters of the law. We will capture and document all of the available evidence using tactics allowed by law. As licensed investigators, we are intimately familiar with all laws regarding surveillance.

What are the costs associated with surveillance cases?
Each case has different needs and requirements. The first step is to gain an understanding of your needs and expectations and then develop a surveillance strategy around those needs and expectations. This is the most cost effective approach. From there, a budget can be established. No work will begin until you have agreed on the costs. Surveillance is customarily billed at an hourly rate, plus a mileage charge. Rates can vary based on the location of the required surveillance. A retainer is collected prior to the commencement of work. Credit cards, cash, checks and money orders are all acceptable forms of payment.

What happens if my retainer is not used in its entirety?
If there is any unused portion of your retainer, once your case is closed, we will reimburse those remaining funds to you.

How is the surveillance strategy determined?
Designing a solid surveillance strategy is a critical success factor in a surveillance case. We don’t even think about launching an investigation without first having a surveillance strategy that has been methodically and thoughtfully created. We will require your assistance in the development of this strategy as you have far more firsthand knowledge of your partner’s schedules, behaviors and habits. We will rely on you to guide us in determining where and when to watch them. There will be a number of things that we will consider, jointly with you, as we determine the proper surveillance strategy.

How many investigators will be assigned to my surveillance case?
The number of investigators required to conduct a successful surveillance is something that will be addressed as we design the surveillance strategy. This can depend on a variety of factors, ranging from the surveillance locations and the habits and behaviors of the subject, for example. We have surveillance cases where one investigator is sufficient, and other, more complicated cases where two or more investigators are needed to get the job done. We will ensure that we are dedicating the appropriate resources to effectively execute your surveillance case, while being sensitive to costs. Know that if we recommend additional investigators be assigned to your case, it is in your best interest. And you should be prepared for any additional costs as it will result in a more effective surveillance.

What should I do once the surveillance is under way?
Your job is to go about “business as usual.” Make sure that you do not change your daily habits and behaviors. And it is advised that you not ask your partner too many questions about his or her activities, plans, etc. This could cause your partner to become alarmed and possibly suspect that he or she is being investigated.

Can I be assured video and/or photos on my case?
We do everything possible to obtain video, but you must realize that video and/or photos may not always be easily obtained. There are times when investigators enter establishments where no cameras are permitted. Sometimes the lighting may not be appropriate. And other times it may create suspicion from a subject. So we used our professional judgment to determine when to capture video and/or photos. But rest assured that since we are considered expert witnesses anything we personally observe is treated as credible testimony in court.

How do you follow someone?
One must remember, we are not invisible. The movies make tailing someone look easy, but there is actually quite a bit of technique involved. It is definitely an acquired skill that requires the delicate ability to follow someone closely enough while still remaining completely covert. It’s somewhat of a balancing act as our goal is to maximize how closely and effectively we can follow the subject, but minimize the chance of being discovered or losing tthe subject. Many times, if the circumstances call for it, we will recommend the use of at least two investigators.

What if my partner finds out that I’ve hired a private investigator?
It is unlikely that your partner will find out that he or she is being followed and watched, but there’s always a risk that may happen. We take many steps to ensure that the investigation remains covert. You should do your part to secure the covertness as well by not doing or saying anything out of character. You especially never want to make any threats to hire an investigator. This could result in the subject becoming suspicious and thus more difficult to pursue. If you have ever threatened to hire a private investigator – even in jest – please inform us as this may cause us to readjust our surveillance strategy. Lastly, if we ever suspect that the security of the investigation has been compromised, we will notify you immediately and jointly determine how best to proceed.

What evidence can I expect to receive upon conclusion of the investigation?
You can expect to receive a video (when possible) or photos with documentation, along with a comprehensive written surveillance report that details the subject’s activities. At that point, you should have enough evidence to determine your plan of action.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, cash, money orders and credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

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