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While divorce is sometimes necessary, it can leave a trail of devastation in its wake. Children are often casualties of divorce, caught in the middle, neglected and even used as a pawn by a bitter parent. Our primary goal in these delicate cases is to ensure the child ends up in the right home, with the right parent – whether it’s mom or dad – so the child can live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life in a stable, safe and nurturing environment.

Using her background as a juvenile probation officer, She Spies Private Eye owner Anji Maddox brings unparalleled insight into the effects on children who come out of unhealthy homes, divorce, poor parenting, and /or back and forth battles. Passionate about remedying these difficult situations, she and her team of investigators use undercover and traditional surveillance methods to advocate child custody rights.

Child custody in Texas, and especially for fathers who are often denied custody, is an aspect of divorce that requires professional assistance to ensure the child’s best interest. After divorce it is quite common for an individual to begin living a lifestyle that is irresponsible and immature. Someone might even engage in activities and/or behaviors that are damaging, dangerous and even illegal. If you think your child’s other parent is engaging in activities you feel could endanger the physical and/or emotional welfare of the child, then you will need proof because the courts will not simply take your word for it.

Child custody laws in Texas are tough, and the court needs all the information it can get. You need more than a child custody lawyer to get it.  Attorney’s can benefit from the work of a Private Investigator as their evidence can be used in court proceedings to help make your case.

Contact She Spies Private Eye today, and you’ll be taking the best first step to protect the future of your child.

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Parental Abduction

Sometimes a court battle isn’t even the issue.  In cases of parental abduction, in which a child is whisked away by one parent leaving no trace, you’ll need the help of a licensed private investigator to find them.  She Spies Private Eye is renowned for successfully locating abducting parents and missing children worldwide.

As a five-year volunteer with the American Association for Lost Children (AAFLC), She Spies owner Anji Maddox is particularly passionate about dedicating time to the pursuit of missing children.  Her commitment to the families of the lost has recently brought her and the AAFLC Team overseas to Europe where she successfully recovered a missing child.  Let She Spies Private Eye find who you’re looking for.  Find out more about AAFLC, click here

Child Rescued from Overseas, the AAFLC helped the father find his daughter.

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