How to Catch a Cheating Spouse: 4 Tips

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

If you suspect you’re dealing with an unfaithful husband or wife, you may wonder how exactly you can catch him or her in the act. It’s not like your spouse is going to raise his or her hand and say, “Yup, I’m cheating! Here I am!

Nope. That philanderer wants to eat his or her cake and have you too. The comforts of marriage and the excitement of an affair suits your unfaithful husband or wife rather well. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to sit back while your cheating partner has a blast.

Actually, here are a few ways on how to catch a cheating spouse right in his or her tracks.

Read and learn!

Signs of An Affair? Catch Your Spouse Red-Handed


Suddenly “Bobby” has to work late…almost every single night. Hmm. And he’s even cut his hair and styled it so he doesn’t look like a slob anymore.

Mid-life crisis? Or is this just one of the many signs of an affair?

If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, here are some tips to stop “Bobby” or “Barbara” from dishonest acts:

1- Track Finances

Question anything you think looks suspicious. If your spouse claims to have used money or credit cards for X, Y, Z reasons, please write it down. Write it down and be sure to ask questions later, as your spouse starts to slip up, the lies will be there on paper. Suddenly, your spouse’s story will shift simply because he or she forgot.  Tracking finances and writing every single story or reason down for every dollar spent is a great way to catch a cheater.

2- On the Telephone

Are you constantly aware of who your unfaithful husband or wife is chatting to? Nope, you’re not! But you can start to check out telephone logs and note unfamiliar, repetitive, or late-night or odd hour phone calls. When you think you’ve got a “lead,” you can certainly call the person or perhaps, tell your spouse you had a conversation with the person, even if you didn’t.

You might catch a cheater that way: out of fear!

No matter what you do—don’t reveal too much to your cheating spouse. He or she is BOUND to have a story to get “out of it” somehow.

3- Use a Professional

Look, there’s nothing like a professional private investigator to catch a cheater in his or her tracks! A professional private investigator has:

– experience discovering infidelities, the legal and discreet way

– gives you concrete proof and not speculation

– leaves you from having to do months of dirty work trying to catch an unfaithful wife or husband

A private investigator with years of experience uncovering infidelity is certainly your best bet and worth the money. You could be facing an impending divorce. Judges like facts and proof, not speculation and emotion. Investigators know exactly how to catch a cheating spouse in a way that won’t be illegal or unsafe.

4- Computer Monitoring Software

You could use a computer monitoring software in order to track your husband or wife’s online activities without the individual knowing.  This type of software can give you a ton of information on what exactly your cheating spouse is doing online.

Not only computer software, but searching your partner’s internet history, photo stream and iCloud can give you more information than they want you to have!

Now is the time to be suspicious, document and keep all the proof you find if you are serious and need to catch a cheater!

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