Private Investigation Services from a Trusted Source

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Private Investigation Services
By a team of former Probation Officers, Undercover DEA Agents, and Security Professionals

Making the call to retain private investigation services can be stressful and overwhelming. The experts at She Spies Private Eye are here to put you at ease. We listen and advise with the utmost discretion, understanding, and professionalism, so you know you have a partner on your side from the start. From there, we employ the necessary investigative resources and technology to conduct a comprehensive investigation on your behalf.

Texas Private Investigator: Expertise, Professionalism, and Extreme Confidentiality

When you need a Texas private investigator, you need She Spies Private Eye. Our team is highly experienced at dealing with all types of cases and understands the laws surrounding them giving you the edge you need in any investigation or court case. We’re sensitive, yet steadfast, stopping at nothing to make sure you get the results you need to get justice you deserve.

What a Licensed Private Investigator Can Do for You

Whether you are an individual, attorney, large or small businesses, or even law enforcement, She Spies is the licensed private investigator you need on your team. From divorce & custody situations, unfaithful spouses, runaway teens, or digital forensics, our job is to capture, collect and organize the information and facts–ultimately revealing the irrefutable truth.

Face Divorce & Child Custody with Confidence
While divorce is sometimes necessary, it can leave a trail of devastation in its wake. Children are often casualties of divorce, caught in the middle, neglected and even at times used as a pawn by a bitter parent. Let a Texas private investigator help during this troubled time. Read More.

Catch an Unfaithful Spouse
Statistics have shown that women who feel their partner is cheating are correct 80% of the time. Men are correct 50% of the time*. If you suspect your loved one is being unfaithful you deserve to know the truth, and you can count us to find it! Do you know the signs of infidelity? Read more.

Find Runaway Teens
Has your son or daughter run away… or is it possible they have not left by their own choice? Either way, he or she must be found. The longer you wait to pursue finding your child, the fewer the chances are they will return safely and unharmed. She Spies Private Eye, licensed private investigator, can help find your teen. Read more.

Perform Computer & Smartphone Forensics
When the Austin, Dallas, and Round Rock areas need private investigation services involving digital forensics, they turn to She Spies. Our expert team is able to gather evidence in a way that is presentable in court because we can demonstrate that it hasn’t been tampered with. Read more.

Trust She Spies, Texas private investigator, to find the truth. Call us today in Austin: (512) 246-9889 or in Dallas: (214) 227-8177 for a completely confidential consultation.