Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Services

At SSPE Security & Consulting, our mission is simple: to keep people, businesses, and communities safe. We offer armed and unarmed security guard services backed by expertise, technology, and decades of experience in private investigation. From private functions to courthouse appearances to construction sites, SSPE Security & Consulting provides you with professionalism, reliability, and peace of mind anywhere you need it.

Need a Security Guard or Personal Protection Officer? We’re Here for You.

Founded by Anji Maddox, owner and operator of She Spies Private Eye, SSPE Security & Consulting has over 70 years of collective experience in law enforcement, military, undercover investigations, and executive protection.
We know that certain jobs call for unarmed security service, while others are better handled with an armed personal protection officer. At SSPE, we can consult with you to determine which type of security service best suits your needs. From in-house security to one-off events, our offerings include:

● Unarmed Security: The most common type of security, an unarmed security guard doesn’t carry a weapon, yet they’re highly effective at deterring threats. They patrol properties, monitor security systems, respond quickly to any dangers or threats, and perform crowd and access control.
● Armed Security: An armed security guard, or security carrying weapons, is best for high-threat situations. For instance, they may be employed when a person’s life is in danger, a company holds high-value assets, or a property is in a high-crime area.

● PPO: Personal Protection Officer: These armed security guards are highly trained to protect government officials, politicians, company heads, celebrities, or people under high-threat.

● Video Surveillance Officers: Video surveillance officers watch live camera footage and conduct consistent surveillance on high-threat properties, homes, or businesses. They may also be tasked to patrol areas and respond to immediate threats.

● Event Security Guards: Event security guards oversee allowing entry, maintaining crowd control, and keeping order at events. You may see event guards at parties, concerts, sporting events, amongst other high-profile events.

● Bouncers: Bouncers are a type of private security employed for restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. They oversee access and order control. They also check to verify patrons are of legal drinking age to ensure the legal compliance of the establishment.

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